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Bio Uwe Juergen Bauer

Uwe was born in 1964 in the Black-Forest in Germany. He has been for 30 years in the corporate world in various management positions in Germany, the US, Hong Kong and Singapore. In 2015 he moved with his wife to Berlin and is splitting his time between painting & manekineko creativity events and his consultancy business in the solar industry. He is a self-taught artist and entrepreneur who holds two MBAs in State Economics and in Organization and Planning.

Berlin Singapore Art Jam The creative art experienceIn 2013 Uwe discovered the Arts and started painting. He is constantly exploring different styles and techniques whereas his main drive is to share his joy with people around him. His favorite medium is acrylic on canvas and pop art is his favorite painting style. His passion for cats gave him the inspiration for his first painting. “my ManekiNeko story”, 25 ManekiNeko or lucky cats representing different stages and facets of his life. The creative process was so insightful that he wishes to inspire everyone to create a ManekiNeko for themselves. As the saying goes: “Shared joy is a doubled joy”. Uwe organized the first ManekiNeko creativity in 2013 which brought so much joy, creativity and sharing among all participants that the idea of a ManekiNeko website was born.

ManekiNeko is a common Japanese lucky charm depicting a cat who is beckoning with an upright paw. It means literally ‘the cat who invites’. Traditionally based on their colours, they invite good luck, friendship and bring protection. Uwe got inspired by the joy, fun and take-away from the seriousness of life that they depict. ManekiNeko became the model for his latest paintings. His intention is to bring more joy and beauty in every day’s life. His colourful ‘Good Morning’ series invite to transform the grey expression of people waking up in the morning getting ready for work into smiling faces to enjoy the new day. The ‘Licht und Schatten’ series which translates from german into english as ‘Light and Shadow’ reveals the minimalist outlay of ManekiNeko. The industrial design look showcases the repetitive process of assembly lines in production facilities. The paintings and especially the reproductions on aluminum plates lighten the office space.

“Since I have started painting, life became more vibrant and colourful. My intention is to demystify the relationship with the Arts, spread joy through my paintings and bring people together at a Creativity Event.”

Uwe Juergen Bauer
Chief Joy Officer

uwe (at!) ManekiNeko4u(dot)com