Bio Fabienne Cuisinier

Empowering Professionals who work in multicultural environment to contribute meaningfully to make this world a better place to live, to unleash their potential and to develop themselves further to realize their dreams and projects efficiently and most importantly live their life in an integral, holistic and creative manner.

Thanks to my diverse experiences, openness and curiosity, I can quickly make the dots between complex parts and offer a clear and sensitive overview of the connections. I passionately listen to people and offer them the space for new perspectives as well as practical and powerful tools to integrate immediately in their daily life to achieve their goals and guarantee a sustainable change and growth.
The process is a mix of self-reflection, new learning and experiments, fun as well as going beyond our own limitations.

With over 20 years professional experiences in global strategy, business development, sales and marketing in Europe, US, South America and Asia in the consumer and solar industry, I have build my own business in the field of export consultancy and integral coaching in Singapore and since mid of 2015 in Berlin. I hold a MBA in Economics & an Integral Coaching Certification.

Coaching Specialties: integral & conscious leadership, personality development in multicultural environment, transition & integration, stress management